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Facial Treatments

Facial treatments are non-invasive procedures that can help restore balance to the skin, reduce inflammation, and promote healthier, clearer skin. They also help reduce skin blemishes and promote an overall youthful glow. With the right routine and combination of treatments, you can make sure your complexion looks fresh, healthy and beautiful.

At La Vie, we offer an extensive range of facial treatments to choose from that leave your skin looking healthier and clearer. These involve medical skincare routines that help exfoliate the dead skin cells from the uppermost layer, removing impurities and cleansing the skin to give it a smoother look.

Medically backed skin care

Our facial treatments are performed by qualified medical practitioners and encompass a range of procedures, from facials to chemical peels to micro-needling procedures. Depending on your concern, these treatments focus on removing and exfoliating dead skin cells and rejuvenating the underlying layer with the required nutrients, vitamins, serums, and crystals to infuse a new glow into it or chemically treat concerns like acne & pigmentation.


Hydra Facial

Champagne Facial

Oxygen Facial

24 Carat Gold Facial

Radio Frequency Facial

Vitamin C Facial

Anti-aging Facial

Peptite + FaceLift Facial

Acne Facial

Red Carpet Peel

Party Facial

Chemical Peels

Yellow Peel


Fruit Acid Peel

Carbon Peel

Body Peels



Derma Pen


Bridal Skin Clearing Packages

Signature Solution Treatment

Skin Brightening Treatment

Acne Treatment


Gold Stamp

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