Breast Surgeries

Breast Surgeries LavieClinic
Breast Augmentation

Breast Surgeries main aim at augmentation and enhancement of the breast aesthetics – size, shape, and texture – of a woman’s breasts, this includes making breast bigger / smaller/ shape / nipple size and position. A well planned and executed procedure can help regain breast volume, get a better shape, reduce asymmetry, improve balance of breast & hip contours, increase fullness, and size of breasts, and help enhance self-image and self-confidence. Over all giving a woman what she will like to flaunt.

Breast Lift

Breast Lift  is a surgical procedure which helps improve the looks of your breasts, over time women breast start to sag, thus losing their youthful shape and firmness breast Lift helps improve the looks of your breasts, making them look younger, perkier, more attractive, and balanced. It also repositions sagging or low-lying areolas and nipples to a more central position, higher up on the breasts. If you size of your breasts is not an issue, but it’s their sagging, drooping look, / if you have drooping nipples and/ or areolas, or if one of your breasts is at a different position than the other then Breast Lift is a good option.Sometimes it’s not age but our medical condition like Cancer that may want us for a better breast then you may look at Breast lift. A breast lift surgery has a very high success rate, and most patients are satisfied with their results. We ensure that your surgery is done in the most technically proficient manner to ensure maximum longevity and minimal chances of revision surgery

Breast Surgeries LavieClinic
Breast Augmentation LavieClinic
Breast Reconstruction

Breast Reconstruction / Mastectomy is a painful experience, and the physical loss of one or both breasts can leave one emotionally devastated, At LaVie we understand your pain and work towards rebuilding your breast. We can rebuild breast mounds and give mastectomy patients a semblance of normality and, even more importantly, some peace of mind.The most common procedure involves placing a simple implant or prosthesis in the patient’s breast region. In case there is not enough skin to accommodate an implant, a “flap” of donor tissue is added. This flap contains skin, muscle, and the blood vessels needed to nourish the area and is generally taken from the back or the abdomen of the patient. In some flap procedures, an implant may not be necessary. Another technique involves placement of a tissue expander (a balloon-like device) beneath the chest muscle. Is device is gradually filled with saline to stretch the overlying skin to make room for the implant.

Breast Reduction

Some women have breasts which are disproportionately large and can cause discomfort and regular visits to a chiropractor, for them, the surgical procedure of Breast Reduction can make their breasts suitable for their body type and giving you peace of mind. During this process, the surgeon removes fat, breast tissues, and skin from the breasts and then replaces the nipples to help reshape to smaller and perkier breasts. Unfortunately, even some males have large male breasts called Gynecomastia. This can negatively impact a man’s self-confidence and at worst can turn him into a social recluse. Interestingly, excessive breast tissue on men is remarkably common and are not only caused by weight gain, most in fact, are produced by medical or hereditary issues. This is a surgery which changes men breast giving them a desired chest. There are various ways to get this done but the best is to visit LaVie to meet the Plastic surgeons to get details.

Breast Surgeries LavieClinic
Breast Surgeries LavieClinic
Areola Reduction

Another common Breast surgery is Areola reduction, it improves the appearance of large, long, or droopy nipples and overly large or puffy areolas can enhance the size and shape of your breasts. For nipple reduction, the doctor makes a small incision on the nipple itself. For areola reduction, the doctor makes an incision around the perimeter of the areola. In both cases, the incisions heal very quickly. Once the incision is complete, the doctor removes excess tissue from the area of the incision. Stitches are then used to close the incision, and gauze dressings are placed over the breasts. A special surgical bra is placed over your breasts after the surgery to ensure that your breasts are held in the best position for healing. In most cases, you will be ready to go home shortly after your nipple or areola reduction procedure. You may be drowsy after the anesthesia, and the area around the incisions will be sore, so it is important to have someone drive you home after your surgery.