The Lavie Transformation

Be the one you always dreamed of being in the most advanced scientific way.

Face Peels


Laser Hair Removal






Total Patients


Revive with


Alter or reconstruct your breasts through fat-graft mammoplasty or breast implant performed by the most-skilled surgeons in the field

(Tummy Tuck)

Get a flat tummy and get the desired firmness through the Abdominoplasty.

3600 Liposuction

Contour your body from all angels with the newest innovation, 3600 liposuction, which is aimed for the entire mid-rib for comprehensive results


Bring back the youthfulness to your face with our advanced face lift procedures.


Get a perfect shape or correct any deformity in the shape of your buttock or the gluteal region.


Facial fillers help in rejuvenating skin by reducing wrinkles, enhancing lips, raising scar depressions, and replacing soft-tissue volume through painless facial injections. Reverse your age by a few years.


Alter the shape and contour of your nose with the efficient and effective Non-surgical Rhinoplasty.


Give yourself the non surgical face contouring with this non-invasive modern miracle innovation.

  • Latest technology with new innovative techniques - Unique treatments for each individual skin type.

  • Efficient customer relations - Each patient has a dedicated customer service personnel. Feel like royalty, from the entry to the clinic to the post treatment rehabilitation.

  • World renowned pioneering doctors - Our doctors are leaders in their fields along with licensed consultants & technicians from different nationalities with comprehensive experience and expertise.

  • Fabulous packages, offers, and loyalty programs.

Meet our pioneering Doctors and Surgeons

Dr. Mohomad Kodeih

Plastic Surgeon (Body Surgeries)

Dr. Mohomad Kodeih is a famous and widely celebrated plastic surgeon, with over 15 years of experience in body surgeries. He is a pioneer in Lebanon. From facelifts to buttock augmentation, he is known to have a wide range of expertise. He has a record of over 1000 surgeries in a year and travels often to different countries as a lecturer in Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Mohomad Kodeih will be in Dubai from 4th- 8th August, 2018.

Dr Dara Liotta

Specialist Plastic Surgeon (Face & Neck)

Dr. Liotta is DOUBLE board certified Facial Plastic Surgeon & Reconstructive surgeon. She is known worldwide for Head and Neck Surgeries. She is alumni of the Columbia and Cornell Campuses and is also a member of the New York Head and Neck Institute and the New York Facial Plastic Surgery Society. Dr Liotta is also one of the most sought-after surgeons in NYC and boasts a list of clientele that includes major celebrities and models on the city.

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Words from our satisfied customers

I am a person of perfection. I just need everything to be done right and the one thing I find at Lavie is perfection. From the front desk to the doctors. Every one is very professional, very hygienic very tidy. Product knowledge is amazing. I asked the therapist who was doing my facial about threads, fillers and she was able to explain me everything like a doctor would have. And when I met the doctor Mashallah he was just amazing, he had so many before and after to show me that I was really impressed. Overall I am so happy that I even got my mother here.
I am a model and for me face is of utmost importance when I came to Lavie I was keen on doing a jaw line, its been 6 months and I have been visiting them. I have been to all doctors here and I have never been happier with any clinic. If this wasn’t enough, I got my mom all the way from Lebanon just to do her treatments here. I love Lavie
I feel very fortunate to have visited Lavie Clinic, I met Katrina to do my facial and oh my God! She was brilliant, she heard all my concerns and explained me basic things which almost no one told me .. like did you know a spf above 35 is not as useful as 35 & below. She gave me scientific reasons for everything .. . I am impressed with her technique and the fact that a day...
I can’t express how happy, pleased, and thankful for the experience. Being a guy I wasn’t so sure of what I should do, but Dr Dara took a look at me and explained what and why I needed. The fact that I still look so natural and yet better made me realize that I was in safe hands. I don’t think I will go anywhere else ever.
Not only have I already recommended Lavie to friends and family, I wouldn’t go anywhere else. The whole team is very professional and sweet. They are so gentle and upmarket. I feel like I am in one of the presidential suits. I come here for Derma Pen, Peels, Facials but I also g home mentally so relaxed and peaceful. Its like a special day for me every time I am in here.
I did a ton of research before choosing the right plastic surgeon. I am so happy I chose Dr Malcolm . I wouldn’t go anywhere else. It’s so important to find a Doctor and staff you can trust and have full confidence. Lavie has excellent staff & excellent doctors. I even did the face treatment for Acne and it was so effective. Their staff is definitely the best.
I can’t begin to tell you how happy and proud I am to choose Lavie Clinic There are no words to describe how I feel about this Centre. Every one is a friend, they always take things at right pace , they never rush me .. and this is what I love . They never over sell, never push … just absolutely calm people with so much life and energy. They always have latest things in the clinic, new technology, new machines, new creams, I just love it
Dr. Dara is one of the most competent and compassionate doctors ever. I am so grateful there are physicians like her to fix complex problems such as mine. If you are considering plastic surgery, especially face, do yourself a huge favor and just visit her.
I visited Lavie clinic to meet Dr Dara , she was very honest and realistic about what my outcome would be and the surgeries that would or would not benefit me. I wanted so many things “done” and she reassured me that some of these things were unnecessary. Well it helps when you meet a doctor who is so upfront and is friendly enough to check you. Above all her hand is so gentle, I loved my treatment with her .
I have been coming to lavie for years now. I started off with my laser when they were fairly new in the market. Its been years now, I have completed my laser and started with Facials. There are more than 200 clinics near by but I still choose Lavie, they give me a comfort, staff is very friendly & supportive, they always treated me like a princess. The moment I step in, I feel calm, relaxed and so comfortable. I am sure this is my kind of place.
I can’t begin to tell you how happy and proud I am to choose Dr Malcolm . There are no words to describe how I feel about this doctor. From the moment I met him at Lavie to my follow up every bit of my surgery was such a pleasant experience. I did breast & arms surgery, Lavie helped me connect with docto9r every time. The staff is so helpful, even at 2:00 am they responded to me. They have been so so helpful and even in hospital they visited me and made my journey through surgery so easy.
Well Lavie gift coupn was given to me by my frineds on my birthday. First of all, I didn’t know birthday gifts like this exist, its super asowme gift …. I took facial as the gift. Results of the facial were so amazing that I had to come back. Nor did I feel great with my facial, my experince at Lavie was amazing. This place has pin drop silence, nice smell, soothing music and above all staff is so sophistocated and courteous , I feel like its my birthday .. :)
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